Create a Mother’s Day gift with not much more than a canning jar, some paint and one of these ideas

Are you looking for a last-minute DIY project for mom? BRING may have a solution. Pick up a few salvaged building materials from the Planet Improvement Center, combine them with things you’re likely to have at home (or can pick up at MECCA, a craft store or other home improvement store), and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind gift ready just in time for Mother’s Day.

Keep in mind that our stock changes all the time. If you can’t find what you need among our many fine offerings, pick one of these projects as a backup. Next week you can always start dropping hints with mom for what you’d like for Father’s Day. Or maybe one of these projects could spark a craft day for the whole family.

Another Mother’s Day gift option is a mosaic tile stepping stone, which you can create at our Make It! workshop on Saturday, May 13. Check out this blog post for more details.

Shelf with branches

If you have fallen branches left over from this winter’s snow and ice storms, combine them with a few planks of salvaged wood to create an eye-catching shelf. These posts from The Home Depot and The Family Handyman have very different designs with detailed instructions.

Button-edged mirror

Mirrors sometimes make their way to BRING because the frame is looking worn. The best way to make that old

Buttons, buttons, who’s got some buttons?

mirror look like new again is to edge it with a pretty decoration like buttons. All you need to complete a project like this button-edged mirror is a hot glue gun and several handfuls of buttons. If buttons aren’t mom’s thing, what else could you add?

Painted flower pot

Give a plain flower pot a unique twist by painting it. This is a quick, easy project for kids; all your need are some paints and a used clay flower pot (which may need a quick scrub first). Fine Gardening has instructions and ideas for painting clay pots.

Tile coasters

Speaking of projects that require only paint: grab some of our secondhand tiles and have the kids craft a set of coasters for mom. They’ll be perfect for an outdoor dining table. If you want to use them indoors, back them with cork or felt.

Spinning craft caddy

Does mom enjoy adult coloring books, painting or other crafts? This spinning craft caddy may be just what she needs to store her colored pencils, markers, paintbrushes or other tools. Grab some of BRING’s recycled PVC pipe, pick up a lazy Susan at a thrift store, and you have almost everything you need.

Door knob coat rack

Door knobs can be a decorative item as well as a practical one. A great way to show them attractive ones (and create a useful item for your home) is to attach them to a board and use the resulting piece for a coat rack. A blog post from This Old House has instructions for making one. If you can only find a few door knobs you like, intersperse them with coat hooks.

Drawer pull jewelry rack

Along the same lines as the door knob coat rack is a cabinet door pull or drawer pull jewelry rack. Paint a piece of wood, securely attach the pulls, and mom has a beautiful place to hang necklaces and bracelets. If you want to get really creative, attach the jewelry rack to a frame with pegboard or screen so she has a place to put earrings.

Outdoor light fixture

Chandeliers are a trendy outdoor decoration right now. To transform an unstylish indoor light fixture into a modern outdoor piece, a light fixture with an attractive shape just needs a few coats of the paint and/or some embellishment. This blog post from Curbly gives some guidance for upcycling chandeliers.

Canning jar crafts

Canning jars are so versatile; they can be used to make everything from candleholders and vases to light fixtures and soap dispensers. Browse this list of 50 canning jar craft ideas. Mom is bound to love one or two of them.


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