Call for Entries

Blue Barrel Bench 2.JPGThis March and April, we challenge community members to create innovative and sustainable product designs made from materials available at BRING. The objective: transform salvaged materials into new and relevant products such as furniture, décor, accessories, tools, and more. All finished products will be judged and prizes will be awarded Saturday, April 22 at 6 p.m. during St. Vincent de Paul’s fourth annual Metamorphose fashion and art show!

Challenge participants will be separated into two sections: Community and Youth Student (Lane County, K-12). This year we will accept 25 entries per section. Designers must participate in a materials selection day, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., on March 4 at the Planet Improvement Center to choose from a curated selection of materials for their project that BRING will provide for free.

Participants will also receive $20 worth of BRING Bucks and $5 in MECCA Bucks to spend on other materials. New materials and used materials from other sources may also be used. Participants will have seven weeks to complete their product designs.

cable-table-1The majority of the environmental impact of our consumption comes from making and using products. Materials reuse helps conserve natural resources and energy by making better use of the stuff we’ve already extracted, manufactured, and transported.

When we reduce our consumption and reuse what we already have, we protect nature, preserve native ecosystems, and create jobs while reducing air pollution, water pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions. For more information and to fill out a contest entry form, visit


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